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automatic production machine
production capacity 500-1000sets per day
professional technicians Yongkang Shangde Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a new type enterprise which bears the Confucianism of "benevolent, righteous, courteous, consistent and trustworthy" as our business philosophy, adheres to the concept "to reach the summit of quality, and to propagate ethics all around the earth", and focuses on the integration of Chinese traditional culture and business management. We make every effort to become a mission-oriented and profit-oriented enterprise.

Shangde's core values: the trinity of character, quality of enterprise and product.

1, Character: we firmly believe that qualified Shangde people must possess traditional virtues, ethics, professionalism, as well as professional competence;
2, Our products: including outstanding quality, super-value services.
3, Quality of enterprise: including social responsibility, excellent management and first-rate performance. Social responsibility is a package that enterprise must have on our shoulder, and we scoop from the society, and then pay back. Excellent management is the practice of method and process of social responsibility, and first-rate performance is inevitable result.

We firmly believe that: only by achieving "the integration of character, quality of enterprise and product" can the staff and company realize common progress. And this can be considered as a real growth.